Sweet sugar mum Guellie from Mutare is looking for serious man for a relationship. Get connected now.

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Sweet sugar mum Guellie from Mutare is looking for serious man for a relationship. Get connections now only if you are a single guy. I am on this site just because i trust that i am going to get a handsome guy who is ready to stay with me. Read my post then take my WhatsApp number on SATESPACE platform and we chart online.

Background information for this sweet sugar mu Guellie

Background information is important for you to fully understand me and my behavior. I don’t scenario where you find yourself in a trap but you must know what you are about to go through. My background was a little dirty since I was involved in more than six man.

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Those man were husband of other women and I do not know why I have a bad lucky of being approached by those people. This maybe because of my big body and my beautifulness. Although I dated people’s man, I have no child and neither abortion. I am proud of myself although my history is not perfect.

However I am person with moods like all other girls. Therefore I do not tolerate nonsense in front of my face. This means that those who do not behave will be rejected before they do further. In addition to that, I love to eat different types of food in a short space of time. My favorite meal is fresh chips and pork.

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What type of a man do I like?

I like someone who is genuine to me. My priority from my lover is time so I need someone who will give me his time with me. Furthermore, I need a person who has a clean blood and free from diseases. Good hygiene is also added advantage and a perquisite.

In terms of appearance, I need a giant and tall man. A black person in complexion is the best for me. Those with regular exercise a the best for me

Where to contact me sweet sugar mum Guellie

Call me on satespace.com or WhatsApp for free. My number is on this platform so you need to join it so that we can talk.

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