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New arrival single lady whose name is Pamela is a 32 year old staying in South Africa. I was born and raised in Pretoria but right now I’m currently staying in Cape town.

However I’m a lawyer and I work at one of the most successful law firms in the country. I was in a long term relationship for five years but my ex boyfriend was not ready for marriage. Thinking of the years I wasted on him really breaks my heart into tiny pieces.

Right now I’m looking for a serious guy to be in a relationship with who is not going to waste my time like ex boyfriend did. I want someone love me despite my age and to treat me right. A good looking in his early thirties just like or or who is still in his early twenties.

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However i am wishing to get a guy who is very sober in his day to day activities. Also a God fearing guy who goes to church and tells the truth. Who shows me off to his family and friends as his girlfriend. A guy who will take care of me and protect me. Who will respect my decision and always listen to what I say

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In return I will buy you whatever you want. All you have to do is name and shall be yours. I will support you in whatever you do. Another thing is, I will buy you whatever you need and give you a monthly allowance for your personal use.

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Also send me your pictures. I hope you find me interesting and become my soul mate.

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