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Single mum online will give you pure love which you want however if you are serious. Hie there, my name is Melody, you can call me Meloh. Therefore I am from Cape town South Africa and I am looking for someone from Capetown too.

However I am twenty three years old but my level of maturity is that of a twenty eight year old woman. With my age I have a beautiful daughter who is two years old.

Her father left us but we are still surviving without him. Because of work, she spends most of her time at my mum’s place. I am a strong woman, no matter what’s going on in my life I always smile.

It is also because I am a motivational speaker too. Happiness is my first priority. I am also a fun and social person, I like making friends. During my spare time, I read novels. Christianity is my religion and I am proud of that.

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The type of man this single mum online is looking for

I prefer a man whose age ranges from twenty eight to thirty three years old. That’s the type of maturity that I know will match with mine. Someone who will accept me and my child. A man who is peaceful and knows how to treat women.

One who promises not to raise his hand at me any day. I want a man who lives in my city because I don’t like long distance relationships. The other reason is also because I can’t move because of work. A hardworking man who is capable of taking care of me given I lose my job. A man who is ready to start a serious relationship with me. Not forgetting, a God fearing man of any race.

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What I can offer when you choose me as your wife

Make me your life partner and you will not regret any day. I will love you unconditionally, I will be committed. Loyalty and I will never disrespect you. Follow your instructions and respect your decisions as my man. You will have my time and attention

My daughter will also be staying at my mom’s house, all my attention will be on you and work. I am not the type of woman to wait for a man’s money. I will cover some expenses by myself and I have no problem with that.

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Because of privacy, I put my details on SATESPACE. Click the link below and join now to get my whatsapp number. I didn’t want many guys texting me. So if you are serious and if you are okay with the above mentioned, send me a message. My whatsapp number is on SATESPACE.

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Click the sign up button below and take my number but if you have meet any problems just get in touch with the admin of this site. You can get in touch with the admin on the CONTACT US page of this website.

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