Beautiful sugar mama looking for a man.

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Beautiful sugar mama looking for a man to marry however if you are around South Africa and mature enough to handle relationships. If you are more than 18 years of age you are on the right place to get in touch with me.

General Information for this beautiful sugar mama

Hey there, my name is Diana and I turned twenty four years in March. I am from Durban and I live with my aunt here. Actually I have been living with my mom for 6 years now since my parents passed on. My aunt has been pressuring me to get married this year.

Henceforth as a sugar mum being the reason why I am on this platform. I have no relationship going on in my life right now but I have to make it up my aunt. Two of my friends have found good guys on this same platform, thus am looking forward to one too.

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However I have a job here Durban and it’s been 6 months now since I started working there. It doesn’t pay much but at least I have a source of income. Yes am working harder so that I can rent somewhere before my aunt kicks me out. She says she can’t shelter a grown person like me.

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I am short in height and light in complexion. Long curly natural black hair that even braiding extensions are not necessary. Thick body with a good shape, nice curves and a chubby face too. Looking to my body structure you can see that you have meet the right sugar mum.

What this beautiful sugar mama looking for

A man who is up for a serious relationship. My age preference ranges from twenty six to thirty three years old. Someone who hasn’t been married before and has no side relationships either.

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A guy who has an average and any skin color is okay with me. Someone who is ready to marry me this year. Most of all I want a God fearing person who knows how to treat a woman right. Furthermore I want a hardworking man who will take care of me.

My promises

I promise to love and take good care of you. Prove to you that I appreciate you everyday. Contribute somethings in the house and won’t leave the burdens on you alone. Through the ups and downs I will always have your back no matter what.

In addition to the above i will give you unconditional love. Also i am not going to cheat you. I will stay loyal to you but to your side you have to be a genuine guy. Someone who have experience with bedroom issues. If you could meet all these qualities you are the right person i am looking for.

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Get in touch with me

beautiful sugar mama to marry

You can get in touch with me on my whatsapp number direct. But please do not give someone else my number. This number is meant for you that is if you are serious with me. Here it is +27 72 956 04 57

In case you have some problems that is where you can click the CONTACT US page of this site to get assistance from the admin. Thank you so much for your great concern.

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