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Meet single lady in South Africa and get spoiled with love if you are interested. Did you know that a single can give you love? lf you didn’t, here is your chance to be in a relationship with Buhle.

meet single lady bio info

My name is Buhle ,l am a single lady of thirty years old and I grew up in South Africa. Right now I am living in Cape town and I work as a Wedding Planner. This has been paying me a lot of money. I have been this since twenty five.

Yes I am getting enough money I can ever need but I need love. Money can not give me love. My time is only spent at work. Since I spend my time only at work, I also need someone to have fun with.

I own a house and three cars. Because I can’t depend on one income, I am a Make-Up Artist on the side. That means more money, but who to spend it with is the problem.

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Type of a guy this single lady wants

I am looking for a handsome man who is ready to get some love. My age range preference is twenty one to thirty five years old. Even if you haven’t date a single lady yet I don’t mind.

However I have had such relationships before so I will handle you right. Someone who will love me truly not only because I am rich. One who will treat me with respect as his love not because of my age.

This is because I want a free and fair relationship. I’m also looking for a guy who will give me his time and attention. A free guy who will spend some days at my house too. A person who is God fearing and goes to church.

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how i will change your life

Allow me to be your single lady and I will spoil you with love. You can upgrade and have a better life. For a start I will buy you any latest car of your choice. One house for you in the same city although I would want you to move in and stay with me.

In addition to this you will get access to my possessions. Every month I will deposit money in your bank account. Capital if you want to start your own business. I will pay for your school fees if you are still in school.

Your family will be well taken care of. All expenses incurred will be paid by me. Apart from that, I assure you of my love. I will love and take good care of you. Respect you and your decisions. Support you in everything. Will always be your number 1 fan and bring you happiness and peace.

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How to contact this single lady

meet single lady and date

If you think you match the above mention, then here is my Facebook number you can search for me and we talk. Here it is +27 62 823 5250. In case you meet any challenges please do not hesitate to visit admin of this site for assistance.

Just visit him on the CONTACT US page and get helped in few minutes. Lastly thank you for taking my number. You can also use this number for whatsapp if you are interested though i prefer Facebook.

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