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Perfect sugar mum Fortunate Nkunahla is on this site looking for a man to date in South Africa. I am a sugar mummy age thirty years who lives in Pretoria. However l am a business lady who owns many buildings here. Therefore l had been a loner for quite some time but now l need someone serious.

So i am looking for a cute young man who is serious. Therefore l am not here for games, scams or lies. I hope and trust that l am at the right site at the right time. If you are to qualify to choose me then you are the one i am expecting here. I do not want those time wasters.

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Perfect sugar mum looking for

Therefore I am looking for young handsome man age 25 years to 30 years. However someone serious with love with much commitment. A guy who is respectful and who will be by my side always.

A man who is mature and respect my decision. In addition a man who understand me and not judge me for who l am. Anything beside what i have mentioned above absolutely its a wastage of time. Try to choose your choice who can match you to other dating sites.

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Therefore you are guaranteed a luxury life with all your needs and wants. More so will give you unconditional love and all the care you deserve. Apart from the above will take good care of your family too.

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If you likes to visit other countries such as Australia, USA or Canada i will take you you there for vacations. Its only that international travel are still limited due to the pandemic virus. But my wish is if this virus is over we can travel abroad together. This will be an appreciation of love.

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In case you are serious, for privacy l had put my contact details on SATESPACE. Click the signup button below to get my whatsapp number. Use the sign up button below.

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Thank you for taking my number and for joining SATESPACE. Also you can take my physical home address on the CONTACT US page of this site in case you want to visit me. Have a nice day thank you.

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