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Smart Single lady online is searching for a nice guy to date online right now. WhatsApp me as soon as possible. This Lovely Vanessa is looking for someone staying in Jo burg now. However I would like to begin my story by saying life has not been soft on me. This of cause I’d referring to matters of the heart. I have not been very lucky.

Lovely Vanessa’s story

For someone who does not know my full story, it would be easy to wish they were me. A perfect job that pays handsomely. A nice apartment as well as a very nice car. Most ladies would kill their mothers to be me. However, they do not know that I am bleeding inside.

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My previous partner left with someone else a week before our wedding. To make matters worse, no one could tell me until three days before the wedding. Imagine all the high hopes crashing down. However, that was a couple of years back and the scars have been healing since then.

Type of a person this smart single lady online is expecting

When hearing this from me it sounds like a lie but I am lovely. Not just lovely but also beautiful, hardworking and ambitious. However, I am not saying this just to make my name good. I am saying it to make you realize how lucky you would be to have me.

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This might sound like bragging but trust me, I am one in a million. As a result, I am looking for a serious man. To be more specific, I am looking for someone to start a family with. I am too old for jokes and too good to be playing around. I want a gentleman is serious about life.

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Someone who knows the importance of having a mature partner to build a home with. However, to cement the relationship, the person has to be fun loving and kind.

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