Sweet rich sugar mum is looking for a handsome ben 10 in Pretoria. I am 35 years now. Choose me.

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Sweet rich sugar mum is looking for a handsome ben 10 in Pretoria. I am 35 years now and looking for handsome guy to date me. Choose me if you are single and handsome. However i am Beautiful and very innocent and my name is Patience. More so I am looking for a man to date and if possible to start a family with.

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I am sure everyone has been told the story of Jesus’ betrayal by Judas. Well, I have read the story a couple of times. However, I never thought there would be a Judas in my life. About two years ago, I had a friend by the name Priscilla. We were inseparable with a lot in common.

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However, I had a boyfriend by the name Raymond. He was a member of our church. My relationship with him had grown so strong that we were about to have a wedding. However, it seems I was alone . He took Priscilla instead and they left for Australia. Only came to realize I was the only one playing ball while everyone was playing chase.

Type of partner beautiful and innocent Patience wants.

However I am definitely not looking for backstabbers like Raymond and Priscilla. It’s true I cannot make anyone love me but why play with my heart if you do not. I am looking for a man who will not put me through the torture I have been through before. Instead, I want someone to make me forget those awful memories.

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Furthermore, I want someone understanding and calm as well as patient. However, I want someone able to spice up our relationship with a bit of romance. Going for dates and visiting holiday resorts can never be out of date. Also, since I am a church girl, I want someone who does not drink beer.

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